Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Life at NIT

An average student attending NIT goes through 5 phases typically-
  1. Denial- Most people here believe they were destined for IIT or some other greater stuff. So initially,we have a lot of guys roaming around explaining how they got sick on that crucial JEE day,how their lousy coaching guru skipped the very topics which came in the exam,how they forgot to circle the answers in the OMR but marked them in the question paper.....the list goes on and on....
  2. Anger- In this stage, anger is vented out by the hapless guy upon any issue he can lay his hands on-the shoddy quality of mess food,the shoddier quality of teaching, the super-boring schedule(it takes some time to form friends), electricity cut -outs in the hostels.
  3. Bargaining- For a short period of time,the guy ,in vain,tries to brighten himself up by cultivating thoughts like  'I will make up for everything by topping my department, having a good job with a better pay packet, I will finally learn how to play a guitar/bongo/any other musical instrument which will gain me instant popularity points among the female NIT populace, I will get into the core team of XYZ fest and thus obtain that elusive certificate'
  4. Depression- Soon,reality strikes. It turns out that it is not easy to get that 9 pointer,especially when you are in competition with those 'chosen ones' who mug 10 hours a day. Moreover, you weren't the rockstar or sublime actor that you imagined yourself to be and most of the girls of your batch are already committed to your seniors.
  5. Acceptance- After the darkest hour , things begin to go uphill. Free Internet and DC++ comes to your rescue. Everyone finds those few people whose 'frequency' matches with them and friendships grow. Few people discover their passions (coding,robotics etc) and delve into them. Assignments no longer cause undue worry, as seniors teach us the golden mantra-'Light lo". Life is again full of laughter and fun (incidentally, the definition of 'fun' differs a lot from person to person).                                                                        
That,in brief,sums it up.

" When all is said and done, there are only two ways you can react to whatever happens. Learn or Let Go.

You'll be surrounded by the most diverse crowd. Some will share their lunch, some others will kick your lunch down. Some will motivate you, some others will humiliate you.
Observe. Learn.

You'll be made to do things you are not used to, things you've never dared to, things that go against your principles. 
Run away. Let go.


Every friend around you is stuck with some problem. Financial status, academics, romance, spats, enemies, addictions.
Observe. Learn.

There are assholes who'll break your heart.
Run away. Let go.


Suddenly everyone is running. Some know the destination, others are playing Blind man's buff. Do not fret, this is the best time we seniors come in handy; as we have 'been there, done that'.
Observe. Learn.

Antipathy is everywhere. Sadist professors give you arrears. Friends leave you suddenly to befriend more studious/influential people. 
Run away. Let go.

Senior of them all:

Your friends are getting placed, they are flying abroad, they are starting a business. This is but the beginning of a new path. A new path that you have been constructing or a new path that you have simply stumbled upon. Seize every single opportunity.
Observe. Learn.

Despite all the running and chasing; happiness and hurt, here you are, wondering where time went, pining for one more day in college. Memories will haunt you.
Run away. Let go.

And most importantly,
Learn to let go and never let go the process of learning.
All the very best. "